The Chronicles of a Phd Student

Just your average Muslim girl trying to get her PhD

About Me

My name is Sarah Abuhandara and I am a second year PhD Literature and Criticism student at Indiana University Pennsylvania.

My scholarly interests include Palestinian literature and diasporic studies as well as contemporary multiethnic Global literature focusing on race, hybridity, and resistance movements. Currently, I am conducting research for my dissertation that showcases the emerging cultural expressions of the Palestinian Texan hybrid identity that infuses influences of the East and West in a balanced and veritable way.

I am also interested in Medical Humanities and investigating the interconnectivity of folklore and medicine within the medieval era. In particular, I examine how narratives of folktales and folk traditions played a vital role in how society approached medicine during the Ottoman Empire.

My ultimate goal is to become a professor that can expose students to a type of literature they’re unaccustomed to where they can appreciate culture and recognize global struggles in a worldly context.

I absolutely love to travel the world! I have traveled to 6 countries and over 22 states. Ibn Battuta once said, “Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” and I feel like this quote embodies my life right now. I am blessed to be in a position where I can learn about other people’s cultures, live in different regions, and experience what it is like to live in various parts of the world. I keep a travel diary and note down my experiences, encounters, certain things I find exceptionally interesting, or even question, and so forth. I plan on sharing some of these stories with y’all!

During my free time, I find myself lost in the world of culinary. I absolutely love to cook and have a keen interest in experimenting with recipes. I have recently been testing out different types of doughs to make pizza and the consensus is that sour dough is the way to go. Fermentation is the key to having that perfect, chewy, yet crunchy crust!

I have created this blog to record some thoughts I have as a graduate student who just so happens to be a hijab-wearing Palestinian Texan that travels every few months or so. Side note: I also created this blog to fulfill a requirement for a summer class. Therefore, content may change every now and then.

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